Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My family's closet

As an attempt to make up for the lacuna stretching from January to May 2006, I'll try to post a few things (with photos) from our family life during that time.

In mid-January Andrea, Janelle, and I drove to Johnson Bible College for a job interview (which was successful; I start as a "Full-time Lecturer" in mid-summer). As we settled into the more-than-adequate accommodation the school provided for us, I decided to hang up our coats (it was, after all, mid-January) in the closet near the front door. First mine, then Andrea's, and finally Janelle's. (I know, I know; this is one of the more suspensefully told tales you've heard in a while.) As I stepped back I was amused by the sight of our three coats (and nothing else) hanging in the closet; it seemed to encapsulate visually many of the emotions I'd been feeling as I adjusted to my recently expanded family.

So I share the sight here with you. It may be a bit of nothing, and this post may be OTT in terms of sappiness. But it was an important moment for me. Maybe my inability to explain it adequately expresses something of the impact this image had on me.


Anonymous Richard said...

Is this what you have been reduced to - one coat each - maybe I should get home group to make a collection so you can buy some summer coats!

I guess what this picture does not show is the one pair of Raf's shoes, the one pair of Jenelle's shoes and the 15 pairs of Andrea's shoes in the bottom of the cupboard.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL Richard - nice one about the shoes - we are expecting to see that picture! More seriously, post a recent picture of Janelle, quick!!
mi :D

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Aliosn said...

You seem to have reduced Janelle to a coat and a wet patch! I second anonymous' request for a picture.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Helen said...

Thought about getting the kids their own little coat pegs as Rose is reduced to using the end of the push chair and Thomas' coats end up in a heap. That probably says something deep about how much we care for our kids...

8:45 PM  
Blogger Rafael Rodriguez said...

Thanks, Rich. You fundamentally misunderstand my family, though: Janelle has no shoes to speak of, and just Andrea's black shoes number in the dozens (to say nothing of flats, clogs, trainers, sandals, brown shoes, heels, etc. etc. etc.). They fester in the closet in the back, which explains their absence from this picture.

1:48 AM  
Blogger metalepsis said...

Congrats on the Job mate, hope things are well, and don't even think about missing this years SBL!


8:16 PM  

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