Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grand godparents? God grandparents?

Though my parents do not yet know this, in my senior year of high school I failed first-semester English. This fact becomes relevant because I am about to try my unskilled hand at crafting a poem in thanks of Chris and June, parents of Janelle’s godparents, Greg and Julie. The former gave us shelter last Sunday night so that we could make Janelle’s Monday morning appointment in London to report her birth abroad and get her first passport. The following has rhyme (kind of) and metre (of a sorts), but it still lacks a certain something something. You’ll see what I mean. Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and/or rude remarks, but please also realise the heart-felt thanks I am intending to convey.

An Ode to Chris and June:

A lovely wee woman from Scotland
(The mum of a mis’rable git)
Extended a kind, helpful hand
To me and my wife and my kid.

Her soup was quite warm in our bellies;
Her bread was quite nice in our mouths.
She treated us like we were rellies;
Her kindness is rare in the South.

And Chris — I can scarcely forget this —
Withheld not one smidget of care:
Through Google and AA he gave us
The d’rections we needed to get there.

His ’structions were clear and precise;
He even covered our parking.
His spare room was spacious and nice;
We heard neigh a dog rarely barking.

A writer once tried to exhort us:
Hosp’tality ought always be shown,
For, though it is not always told us,
We might welcome angels unknown.

So thank-you, Janelle’s grand godparents
(Or ‘god grandparents’ should you be famed?).
God-bless as your children ’come parents;
To you, love and joy in His name.

an original poem by R Rodríguez


Anonymous Chris & June said...

Dear Rafael and Andrea

The pleasure was all ours – it was a joy to see you both so quickly transformed into loving and skilful parents and to meet Janelle, a precious gift from the Lord. Ever since we knew that she was 'on the way', our prayer has been that she would grow up always knowing the Lord Jesus as her Saviour and friend (Deut 11.19, Prov 22.6). For you both, we pray that your love for each other would grow ever stronger with the Lord as the all-important 'third strand' in your relationship (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

Thank you for coming to see us. Thank you for the poem which we will treasure. Thank you for including us in your family – we certainly feel that you have been part of ours since we first met last Christmas.

God bless you as you return home. May he guide your path always as you trust in Him (Psalm 91).

Chris & June

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Doc Brown said...

Am NOT a miserable git!



4:31 PM  

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