Friday, November 18, 2005

Back by popular demand

The barrage of e-mails in my in-box requesting (nay, demanding) more pictures of my beautiful girl has succeeded. Here are more pictures of her for you to coo at. [BTW: for those of you who have e-mailed me over the last week or so but haven't received any response, please know that I plan on writing each of you eventually. Please don't wait breathlessly by the computer, though; my response may take as long as it took Ringo Starr to respond to Marge Simpson, which, I believe, was somewhere on the order of twenty-five years. Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful for all the kind words and the encouragement; I will be printing off all the appropriate e-mails for a scrapbook for Janelle to read when she's older.] Without further ado (indeed, without much ado at all): my daughter.

I know that a lot of these pictures feature Janelle peacefully asleep in her Moses basket. Aaawwwwwww . . . isn't she just precious?! But please, do not allow yourselves to be fooled. Janelle is only just beginning to sleep in her basket; she still usually requires either her mummy or her papa to hold her and comfort her to sleep. Even here she was placed in her basket only after she fell asleep, and, in fact, the reason that so many of these pictures show her sleeping so peacefully where she belongs is because I rushed to grab the camera just to remind myself later that she really can sleep here. But alas, she still refuses to sleep in her basket at night, so we still end up holding her, for the most part, while we try to catch up on our own sleep. [Note: the word 'we' in the previous sentence is meant to refer primarily, if not exclusively, to Andrea.]

As I said, a lot of these pictures show her in her Moses basket. Here you can see the toy dog given her by (I believe) her American Godmother Joni Miller. (I would've referred to this toy as her 'stuffed dog', but in the Boyer family any animal described as 'stuffed' was probably eaten and is now a living room decoration. This, fortunately, was not the case with Janelle's dog.)

I think this might be a picture taken when we first brought Janelle home from the hospital. Do her sleeves look just a bit long?

For some reason Janelle usually sleeps with her arms up above her head. Maybe all babies do this; I don't know. But this has become one of the things I love about her, so I took her picture. Unlike her mother, Janelle wasn't mad at me when she awoke to find I'd taken her picture while she was asleep.

When she gets older, this will be one
of the pictures Janelle will be most glad to know that I posted on the world wide web. This is just proof - for all of you who needed it - that I change dirty nappies. And trust me, my gorgeous little girl makes some dirty nappies!

Just in case you needed a second photo to actually believe it. This really must be true love.

I thought I'd end with the cutest picture I have of my baby girl. Yesterday (Thursday, 17 November 2005) Andrea was cuddling Janelle as she slept, and Janelle accidently found her thumb and started sucking it. She started sucking her hand as soon as she was born (and perhaps earlier, I suppose), but this is the first time her thumb found its way into her mouth. Isn't she gorgeous?! I didn't think it was possible, but I love my little girl even more now than I did when we first brought her home!


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