Thursday, November 10, 2005

New appreciations (1.1)

I imagine that I'll be learning to appreciate things in new ways as I adjust to being a papa. As an example, I began to reappraise the signifier 'useless' and my own existential experiences with the reality 'useless' intends to convey. Per the standard protocol of the editors of What I'd Save . . . (as well as of Verily Verily; cf. here for more information), I checked the online Merriam-Websters Dictionary for the meaning of 'useless', which was given as 'having or being of no use'; 'ineffectual'; 'not able to give service or aid'; and 'inept'. I would like also to add 'the dominant emotional state of a father attending his wife through labour'. Perhaps someone could let the proper authorities at know of this update.


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